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To refer secondarily


The basic rule of all scientific and scholarly work is that you always should use the original source. But if you must refer to a publication that the author you refer to uses in his/her text, this must be evident, both in the textual reference and in the reference list.


For template see each instance, eg as in our example here, it's in an article you read about the original source which in that case was a book.

You start with the source you read, then type "Quote" and continues with references to the original source.


Textual reference

If, for example, you have read Marios Miltiadous's text referring to a publication of Albert Bandura, you write:

  • ......(Bandura 1986 see Miltiadou 2001, s. 409).

Reference list

In the reference list you should state complete bibliographic information for both publications.

  • Miltiadou, Marios (2001). Computer-Mediated communication in the online classroom. International journal of educational telecommunications, vol. 7:4, p. 407-419. Quote Albert Bandura, Social foundations of thougt and action : a social cognitive theory. (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1986)

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