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Direct quotations, consisting of several sentences should be indented in a separate paragraph.

Short quotations up to 3-4 lines can be included in the body of the text, surrounded by quotation marks as in the following example:

In Spring into Linux, Janet Valade points out that "the open source viewpoint is quite different from the viewpoint of proprietary software vendors" (2005, p. 7).

Note that the punctuation of your sentence comes before the punctuation of the quotation. The full stop therefore comes after the quotations mark. If the quotation stands for itself, the punctuation of the quotations should be used. The full stop is then placed within the quotation mark as in the example below:

In Don't make me think Krug writes (2006, p. 3): "We don't read pages. we scan them."

If the text you wish to quote already contains a quotation you surround it with single quotation marks ' ' instead of " ", to separate it from your selected quotation. This is not applied to separate paragraph quotations, as there cannot be a misunderstanding.

Svenska skrivregler provides the example "Låt gå för 'lilla gumman', men kalla mig inte 'baby darling'!"

Sometimes you wish to exclude one or several words in a quotation. This is marked by an exclusion mark, usually three full stops ... with a blank space before and after the excluded text. If the quotation already contains three full stops, the excluded text should be surrounded by brackets or slashes.

I you want to put a comment or a clarification in the middle of the quotation, you place them within brackets. The quotation must be rendered word by word, even if it contains obvious errors. You can mark that you are aware of this by writing [!] or [sic!] within brackets.

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