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Author's last name, first name (year of publication). Title of the article. [Electronic] Title of the journal, Volume, numbers (sometimes excluded). Pages. Available: Name of database [Accessed Date]

Textual reference

The textual reference consists of a parenthesis containing the author's surname, the publication year and the page. An alternative is to write the surname in the text, and just the publication year and page in the parenthesis.

One author
(Karlberg, 2011)
(Rudolfsson, 2010)

In the reference list, all authors of the article shall be included in the reference, but use et al. in the textual reference if there are more than three authors.

Multiple authors
(Yeung et al. 2004)

In running text
Kshetri says that cybercrime in developing countries (2010, p 1062) ....

Reference list

Newspaper article, electronic
Lars-Anders Karlberg (2011). Sista JAS-motorn är färdigbyggd. . [Electronic] Ny Teknik. 1 Juni.  Available: Mediearkivet [2011-07-11].

Journal article, electronic
Rudolfsson, Gudrun (2010). The common world - a model of the perioperative dialog, its ethos, and characteristic structural caring principles. [Electronic].  International Journal for Human Caring, vol. 14:1, p. 27-35. Tillgänglig: Cinahl [2011-07-11].

Yeung, Andy C.L., Cheng, T.C. Edwin & Ling-Yau (2004). From customer orientation to customer satisfaction : the gap between theory and practice. [Electronic]. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management vol. 51:1, p. 85- 97. Available: IEEE Xplore [2011-07-11].

Article with DOI (digital object identifier)
Kshetri, Nir (2010). Diffusion and Effects of Cyber-Crime in Developing Economies. [Electronic]. Third World Quarterly, vol. 31:7, p. 1057-1079. Available: Academic Search Elite [2011-10-14]. DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2010.518752

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