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Author's last name, first name (year of publication). Title of the article. Title of journal, Volume (ie vintage), numbers (sometimes excluded). Pages.

Textual reference

The textual reference consists of a parenthesis containing the author's surname, the publication year and the page. An alternative is to write the surname in the text, and just the publication year and page in the parenthesis.

Newspaper article without author
(Barnevik talar ut om Wallenberg, 2011)

One author
(Eriksson, 2010)

More authors
If you have a source with four or more authors, you write only the first name followed by the abbreviation et al. which means and others.

  • (Eriksson et al. 2011, p. 87)
  • (Winch et al. 2011, p. 126)
  • (Fex, Ek & Söderhamn, 2009)

Note that you in the reference list write the complete author names, i.e., also the first names. If there are more than three authors this applies for the first author.

Reference list

Newspaper article with author
Hellekant, Johan (2011). Tuffare regler för konstnärslöner. Svenska Dagbladet, May 20.

Lars-Anders Karlberg (2011). Sista JAS-motorn är färdigbyggd. . [Elektronic] Ny Teknik. June 1. . Available: Mediearkivet [2011-07-11].

Newspaper article without author
Barnevik talar ut om Wallenberg. (2011). Dagens Nyheter, October 14.  

Journal articles, print
Eriksson, Lars (2010). Stirlingmotor ska ge Malmö solel. Energi & miljö, nr 4, p. 18

Fex, Angelika, Ek, Anna-Christina & Söderhamn, Olle (2009). Self-care among persons using advanced medical technology at home. Journal of Clinical Nursing, vol.18:20, p. 2809–2817

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